Energy Storage

Ronma Energy Storage insists on product as the core and quality as the cornerstone. Focus on the development and application of lithium battery energy storage products, and provide leading lithium battery energy storage systems and home energy management systems. The solution is scalable on demand and comes in a variety of combinations. Flexible, efficient and customized products and services, friendly to build a clean, independent and economical microgrid system for home users.
Ronma Energy Storage insists on innovation, is committed to promoting the development of the energy storage industry, and creates a world of green energy together with global customers and partners.

Energy Storage
Energy Storage2

Features of Industry Solutions

◇ Strict product acceptance standards, higher quality tolerances.
◇ Up to 8S8P(448V326.4kWh) 
◇ Longevity Reliable LFP battery, cycle life > 6000 times
◇ High energy efficiency Energy efficiency (charging and discharging)>97%
◇ High reliability  UL and TUV approved key equipment (relay fuse) 
◇ High rate charge and discharge nominal 0.6C, maximum 0.80C
◇ Smarter App with digital monitoring system and WIF
◇ More security Double hardware and triple software protection
◇ Smart Design &Easy to Install Insert & Close 
◇ Safe and reliable BMS relay design replaces field-corrected transistors
◇ Quieter No fan, quieter, reduce the risk of fan failure

Energy Storage3

◇ High output The maximum charge-discharge efficiency is 94%, and the existing grid-connected system can be easily retrofitted to increase the proportion of spontaneous use
◇ High reliability Adopt BMS system to ensure long battery life! 
◇ Intelligent maintenance Lead-acid battery and lithium battery energy storage system is compatible with remote configuration and upgrade