Continuing to make efforts in overseas markets│Ronma Solar makes a glorious appearance at Intersolar South America 2023

On August 29, local time in Brazil, the world-renowned Sao Paulo International Solar Energy Expo (Intersolar South America 2023) was grandly held at the Norte Convention and Exhibition Center in Sao Paulo. The exhibition site was crowded and lively, fully demonstrating the vigorous development of the photovoltaic industry in the Latin American market. Ronma Solar appeared at the exhibition with a variety of star products and the latest N-type modules, bringing a new choice of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules to the Brazilian market. At this exhibition, Mr. Li Deping, CEO of Ronma Solar, personally led the team, demonstrating the company’s determination to continue to develop the Brazilian and Latin American photovoltaic markets. Ronma people integrated into the atmosphere of the exhibition with an open attitude, actively interacted with energy industry partners, and shared leading cutting-edge technologies and best new energy practices.

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As the largest and most influential professional solar energy exhibition and trade fair in Latin America, Intersolar South America attracts well-known companies in the global photovoltaic industry and brings together outstanding exhibits from the entire photovoltaic industry chain. At this exhibition, Ronma Solar combined with the demand characteristics of the Brazilian photovoltaic market to launch the 182 series P-type high-efficiency modules and the 182/210 series N-type TOPCon new modules. These products are outstanding in appearance design, reliable performance, and power generation performance. , conversion efficiency, anti-PID and low-light response are all excellent, and have obvious advantages over other similar products. In particular, the 182/210 series N-type TOPCon modules use the latest high-efficiency cell technology, which effectively improves the conversion efficiency and output power of the modules, can greatly increase the power generation of photovoltaic systems, save BOS costs, and reduce LCOE costs per kilowatt-hour. It is very suitable Suitable for household, industrial and commercial and large ground power stations.

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Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America, and the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation ranks first in Latin America. According to the “Ten-Year Energy Expansion Plan” of the Brazilian Energy Research Office EPE, by the end of 2030, Brazil’s total installed capacity will reach 224.3GW, of which more than 50% of the new installed capacity will come from new energy power generation. The cumulative capacity of distributed power generation in Brazil is predicted Will reach 100GW. According to the latest data from Brazil’s energy regulator Aneel, Brazil’s installed solar capacity has reached 30 GW by June 2023. Of this, around 15 GW of capacity was deployed in the past 17 months. The report also said that in terms of centralized power generation, more than 102GW of winning projects are still under construction or development. Faced with the rapid growth of the Brazilian photovoltaic market, Ronma Solar has actively laid out its plans and has passed the Brazilian INMETRO certification, successfully gaining access to the Brazilian market and facing the vast opportunities in the Brazilian and Latin American photovoltaic markets. With excellent product quality, Ronma’s photovoltaic module products have won high recognition from local customers.

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In addition, on the occasion of this exhibition, Ronma Solar has specially set up the “Brazil  Ronma branch office” in the center of Sao Paulo, Brazil. This important move will provide a solid foundation for the company to deeply cultivate the Brazilian market. In the future, Ronma Solar will continue to provide high-quality products and excellent services to the Brazilian market, and is committed to meeting customer needs and building a more sustainable future with Brazilian energy industry partners.

Post time: Sep-12-2023