Ronma Solar Showcased Its Latest PV Modules at The Future Energy Show Vietnam

Recently, Vietnam has been facing severe challenges such as climate change, energy shortages, and power emergencies. As an emerging economy in Southeast Asia with a population of nearly 100 million, Vietnam has taken on a significant manufacturing capacity. However, the prolonged hot weather has put immense pressure on the energy supply, exacerbating the energy supply bottlenecks that have been exacerbated by Vietnam’s rapid industrial development. Foreign companies have been complaining about the severe impact of the power crisis on normal production.


Amidst the escalating power supply risks in Vietnam, The Future Energy Show Vietnam opened grandly on July 12th at the Sky Expo Vietnam International Convention Exhibition Center. The exhibition has attracted power suppliers, solar project leaders, developers, as well as professionals from the government, regulatory bodies, and utilities. As practitioners and promoters in the renewable energy industry, Ronma Solar showcased its new products at Booth H10, demonstrating their cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the solar energy field.

Ronma Solar Showcased Its Late1

At the exhibition, the latest 182mm/210mm TOPCon+ high-efficiency modules displayed by Ronma Solar have garnered widespread attention. This module utilizes the latest high-efficiency cells, effectively enhancing module power and conversion efficiency. This significantly increases the electricity output of photovoltaic systems, saving Balance of System (BOS) costs and reducing Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). As a result, they are perfect for a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, industrial, and large-scale ground power stations.

Ronma Solar Showcased Its Late2

Additionally, the appearance of the P-type Full-Black modules has also attracted visitors’ interest. This is due to their more aesthetically pleasing design, smaller footprint, and more flexible application options.


According to data from the Institute of Energy Vietnam (IEV), Vietnam is projected to experience a sharp increase in electricity demand and consumption in the next decade. This will have a significant impact on its energy security. To address the power crisis and energy shortage, the Vietnamese government has set a target of reaching a total installed capacity of 125-130 GW by 2030, with renewable energy accounting for 15%-20%. This indicates that Vietnam will increase its investment and support for renewable energy projects, creating more favorable conditions for the development of sustainable energy.

 Ronma Solar Showcased Its Late3

At this exhibition, Ronma Solar’s business team actively shared their experiences, technologies, and best practices with local energy industry customers, exploring further cooperation opportunities. In the future, Ronma Solar will continue to closely monitor the development of the Vietnamese energy market, strengthen its collaboration with the Vietnamese energy industry, and strive to provide innovative solutions for the local energy sector.

Post time: Aug-10-2023