P-Type Half-Cut Single Glass Black Frame Module (54 Version)

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High power generation and low cost of electricity:

High-efficiency cells with advanced packaging technology, industry-leading module output power, excellent power temperature coefficient -0.34%/℃.

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Product Advantages

1. High power generation and low cost of electricity:

 high-efficiency cells with advanced packaging technology, industry-leading module output power, excellent power temperature coefficient -0.34%/℃.

2. The maximum power can reach 420W+:

 the module output power can reach up to 420W+.

3. High reliability:

cells non-destructive cutting + multi-busbar/super multi-busbar welding technology.

Effectively avoid the risk of micro cracks.

Reliable frame design.

Meet the loading requirements of 5400Pa on the front and 2400Pa on the back.

Easily handle various application scenarios.

4. Ultra-low attenuation:

Attenuation of 2% in the first year, and attenuation of 0.55% year by year from 2 to 30 years.

Provide long-term and stable power generation income for end customers.

Application of anti-PID cells and packaging materials, lower attenuation.

Half Piece P-Shaped Advantage

1. half slice cut:

Current density reduced by 1/2.

The internal power loss is reduced to 1/4 of conventional components.

Rated output power increased by 5-10W.

Whole piece: P=I^2R.

Half slice: P=(I/2)^2R.

2. shade but not energy:

Up and down symmetrical parallel component design.

Effectively, the current mismatch caused by children's twitching is as follows, and the output of power generation is increased from 0 to 50%6.

Whole chip: 0 power output.

Half a chip: 50% power output.

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